Hi, I'm Megan.
My family loves to be outdoors, especially near the water.  But getting three kids beach ready is not easy.  I’ve spent hours chasing the shade with a newborn and lathering up my toddlers with sunscreen – only to find a red spot on their shoulder after a long day of swimming and boating.  So, after five years of sunscreen in the eyes, reapplication tantrums and watching all of my hard work rub off into the sand and water, I knew there had to be a better way.  
Lake Label was created out of my own family’s need for swimwear that protected our children from the harmful rays of the sun without exposing them to the toxic chemicals found in sunscreens.  Our swimsuits are designed to provide full body coverage for your little one without the use of chemicals.  The unique, full length, hooded design is lightweight, breathable and most importantly provides your child with UPF 50+ protection while still allowing them to stay cool in the hot sun.  
We’re on a mission to create beautiful and safe swimwear for families that want to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about the sun.  It’s my hope that our swimwear makes it a little simpler for you to load the kids up for swimming at the beach, playing at the pool, or cruising on the boat.